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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Farmaku (2019)

Client: Farmaku.com - http://instagram.com/farmaku.id
Project: Social media maintenance
Year: March 2019 - March 2020

Farmaku adalah apotek online yang berpusat di Tangerang. Dimulai dari apotek offline, Farmaku mengembangkan bisnisnya dengan merambah ke online.

Dalam project ini, saya terlibat sebagai project leader untuk social media maintenance (vendor). Tugas saya adalah: menentukan tema konten bulanan, mengatur kerja tim social media (content planner, designer, admin), aktivitas di Instagram, Facebook, dan Twitter, serta mengorganisir kerjasama dengan influencer.

Known as a blogger and lifestyle content writer.

She has professional experiences in online media, from writing, editorial planning and now, as a campaigner. She works passionately and the experiences have shaped her into a observer. She loves challenges, meet new people and talk about ideas. And also, she loves to learn new things.


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